Enhanced visual media, such as GunShots’ RotoPhoto 360 photography, engages your website viewers, grabs their attention and keeps them on your website longer.

It has been proven that the longer a customer stays on your website the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Research has shown that once a customer has experienced 360 degree product photography, they are more likely to purchase due to the increased confidence that the product is the right one for them.

In a recent survey* by Adobe, 91% of online shoppers said that the ability to spin products 360 degrees was deemed ‘most useful’ when making their purchasing decisions. This gives your company a huge competitive advantage.

Reduce Phone Calls

360 degree photography allows shoppers to better familiarize themselves with the product by fully exploring its details. The average result is a 24% reduction in the number of calls for information to the company.**

Reduce Returns

The increased knowledge gained by your customer through 360 degree photography reduces returns since a better informed customer is less likely to be unhappy with their purchase.**

GunShots’ RotoPhoto 360 photography is a very effective way to build
customer trust in both your products and your company


What is RotoPhoto 360 photography?
RotoPhoto 360 photography from GunShots is a series of photographs taken as a product rotates 360 degrees. We create the images with a custom, computerized turntable, specialized lighting and dedicated software. All of the images are then compiled by us into an image viewer. The viewer is presented on your webpages where your website visitors can watch as the product rotates in the viewer, or control the rotation with their mouse.

How many images are taken?
The number of images in the rotation will depend on your requirements. They can be as little as four and up to 200. Since each individual image in the rotation needs to load in your customer’s web browser, a large number of images can slow down the page load.

We find that approximately 36 images is the sweet spot, offering your customer a great visual experience while not taxing the page load speed.

Can you illustrate how my products articulate?
Yes! We can also show component movements such as folding a stock or show hidden features such as the turrets under a cap. This may not be possible for all products so please contact us for specific recommendations.

Is conventional still photography a valuable addition to RotoPhoto 360 photography?
Yes. With still photographs, we customize the lighting and set up of each product angle separately. It offers more dynamic lighting and enables us to capture angles unable to be seen with RotoPhoto 360 photography. Still photography combined with RhotoPhoto 360 photography offers your clients the best buying experience.

How are RotoPhoto 360 photographs published on my website?
GunShots will provide all of the rotation images and the html code for the image viewer for your web developer to insert into your web pages. The images are hosted on your server and the html code will direct the image viewer to load them automatically. You may use a remote platform to host the images as well.

GunShots’ image viewer uses standard web technology that will work with all modern desktop browsers as well as IOS (Apple) and Android mobile devices. Your customers do NOT need anything special to view them.

Can RotoPhots 360s be integrated in eCommerce?
Yes, Magneto, Magento 2, BigCommerce, WordPress, AspDotNetStoreFront, Shopify, Squarespace, Volusion, Yahoo Small Business and Wix currently support RotoPhotos. Amazon is currently testing the technology with some large clients and we expect that it will be fully supported soon.

Can my company logo appear in the RotoPhoto 360?
Yes, we can add it in as a watermark.

What format are the RotoPhoto 360 photography images?
We use .jpg files which offer a small file size for fast page loading, while maintaining excellent image quality.

What size is the RotoPhoto image viewer?
The size of the image viewer can be customized up to 800 pixels. We set this maximum due to browser cache size requirements.

How does RotoPhoto 360 photography compare to a video of my product?
Video is certainly a good option for presenting your products, however it is not interactive since there is no customer control of the image. Video is time consuming and costly to produce and can dramatically slow down page loading times.

Do I own the photographs?
Yes. Full usage rights transfer upon payment of the invoice.

Are there any ongoing costs?

No. You are free to use GunShots’ RotoPhoto 360 photography without additional or ongoing costs from us.

* www.360vr.ie/Case-Study/Adobe_Scene_7_2010_report_short_.pdf
** www.slideshare.net/MollyPfister1/top-ten-sales-white-paper